The best Gucci bags on sale are on the Internet

If you are one of those people who are constantly stalking Gucci's website to see if they have sales on their bags, you probably already know this does not happen often.


If you want to find the best Gucchi bags on sale, though, the Internet is the place to find them. Just not on the Gucci website.


Where to find the best Gucci bags on sale on the Internet -- Stop spending time on Gucci's own site, as this is never going to be a place where you get a great price on a Gucci bag. Instead, look at other sites that specialize in offering Gucci bags at much cheaper prices than their manufacturer.


These sites include discount bag sites, sites that sell pre-owned designer pieces, including Gucci bags, and those that also sell reproduction bags that look just like a Gucci bag but at a much lower price.


How to get the best deal on Gucci bags online -- Take your time. People who rush in and grab the first reasonably priced bag they see will end up spending far more than you will if you wait.


Instead, spend a few days looking through some of the sites that sell cheap Gucci bags and making a note of styles and prices. Narrow down your choice to bags you really love, and then use a shopping app to find the sites that sell that bag. The shopping app will also tag those sites, and will inform you if the price goes down.


Buying a bag online -- Once you have found several bags you like and are ready to make your purchase, compare prices across each site and look closely at how much they are charging to ship the bag to you.


With this alone, you should be able to find gucci bags on sale for a price you can afford, and end up with a bag you love.